PSO #3 2016 – September

All set for our next Portland Sunday Open.

This tournament is No Gi, Sunday September 4.
Registration is up for beginner, intermediate, and advanced brackets.

preregister until Aug 24 for just $25.

Black and brown belts please message me for super fight matching and bracketing.

We will also be featuring one or two GI super fights.



I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the fighters and sponsors, students and spectators who came together today to make the Portland Sunday Open possible.

Thank you to my teammate, Gordon, who flew in from NYC to compete and added a seminar for us. Thank you Joshua and Jacob who came in from Washington and California to compete. Thank you to my friend Nathan, always inspiring to watch and never failing to put on a great show.

Thank you to our sponsors, Bad Fish security, Datsusara, Fluxk, Float On, and Dojo Outfitters, for coming together to support the event, giving the black belts and bracket winners a respectable purse and prizes to fight for, and keeping the tournament small, fast, and low cost for everyone involved. Thank you to Carioca Bowls for their booth and refreshments.
Thank you to my team at RGAPDX for running the tournament, to Zach Adamson and John Diggins for reffing the black belt matches, and to Smithhammer photography and Kristen’sphotos for always spending their weekends at these things taking great pictures.

Last but not least, thank you to the Portland Jiu Jitsu community for coming together to make it possible.

The next one will be in June. – Aaron Milam,
RGAPDX, Portland Sunday Open

Portland Sunday Open #1 broadcast (recorded)

Watch all the action as it happened this last Sunday April 5th, 2015. This stream will only be available for a limited time so be sure to check it out before it comes back down. This included the super fight between Eddie Cummings (Renzo Gracie Academy New York City) vs. Nathan Orchard (10th Planet Portland). Don’t miss the other action though, there was a lot of great action happening on the mats. Give it a view and let us know what you think. Either here or on our Facebook page.